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In Memory of 11 Royal Marines Musicians

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Our summer series of concerts returns from Sunday 8 August.  More details please click below.

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In Memory

On 22nd September 1989 the IRA exploded a bomb at the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal that killed 11 Musicians and seriously injured 11 more.

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RM Concert

Royal Marines Memorial Concert 04 July 2021

The Trustees and Committee of the Deal Memorial Bandstand Trust regret to inform you that the Royal Marines Band Concert scheduled for the 04 July 2021 is cancelled. 

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Committee Members

The Trust is managed by a Board of 4 unpaid Trustees and a Committee of 14 volunteers, each of who bring significant experience and expertise to assure the competent governance of the charity.

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The History Of The Bandstand

This video remembers the 30th Anniversary of the Deal Barracks bombing, which saw 11 Royal Marines musicians killed when an IRA bomb exploded in the rest area of the Staff Band. Join Musician George Gissing, as he discovers the special relationship the Royal Marines have with the town of Deal in rememberance of this day. 

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